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Mission Mayor Mr. Paul Horn: Video on Fackbook
Tourism Mission :''So beautiful and such lovely people... well worth the drive and money"
                                     by Ms.Clare Seeley  Manager of  Tourism Mission 
Top 5 Reasons to check out the Mission Dahlia Flower and Grape Festival by Miss. Ema Low
"Its soo amazing! We were there for 3 hoursYesterday!"  by Ms. Neely McGovern from Facebook 
"Wonderful afternoon, we all loved exploring the trails and discovering all the statues and creations along the trails, searching for frogs and enjoying the beauty of all the flowers!!" by  Ms.Susan Grace from Facebook
"A beautiful hidden gem! Super nice hard working people make this a very relaxing enjoying experience! 50 different dahlias too!"  by Ms.Brandy Newberry From Facebook
"We were completely charmed by our visit to Shangrila Farm in #MissionBC the other day. Yes, there were lots and lots of dahlias - and grape vines - but then there was this, inviting us into the forest where we found many nature sculptures among the trees. There was so much love in all they'd created on their 10 acres, with more to come." by Ms. Mona Lucas Photography From Facebook
"Wow it is really amazing. I love to go back to that place relaxing. I feel that I am in  paradise compared to other places like in Richmond or Chilliwak. Shangrila Farm was soooo beautiful . Peaceful and the owner are really good and friendly. " by Ms.Mary  Tugade from Facebook
"I love this farm. its stunning and peaceful... And the owner they are really  friendly... beautiful place... " by Miss. Chelseamae Lagura from Facebook
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