About shangrila Farm

香格里拉农场位于Mission市东北方,四面环山,景色宁静而优美。农场内有大丽花园,葡萄园,森林,水塘和观赏鱼等。正如香格里拉之寓意,这是我们寻找的世外桃源... ...

Shangrila Farm is a natural paradise on earth in which connect soul and spirit to meet the life balance and peace. The farm has wonderful view which is surrounded by dahlia flower,grapevines, forests, ponds and mountains. You will relax in comfort outdoors with colourful flowers and walking along the garden, grape land and forest field enjoying nature. 

                大丽花和葡萄节                                       Dahlia Flower & Grape Festival

       2020年8月1至9月30日                                  Aug.1  to Sept.30 2020


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